Disclosure: What It Is and Why It Matters

In property, disclosure is the sharing of information between a vendor and buyer. When selling your property, there are certain things you must disclose. Non-disclosure may lead to the termination of your contract, a hefty fine, or even a lawsuit.

An Inside Look at What a Conveyancer Is

Conveyancing. It sounds simple enough, but it actually holds quite a unique place in the property industry. A good conveyancer will make it look easy while they facilitate a smooth property transaction. But the truth is, a conveyancer actually handles some pretty complex legal matters during a real estate transaction.

Paperless Conveyancing and e-Titles

Yes, you guessed it, yet more changes within the conveyancing industry. By July 2019, all standard property transactions in NSW will be conducted electronically and all Certificate of Titles will be phased out in favour of e-Titles’.

VOI – Can you prove who you say you are?

This may seem like a silly question to most of us, however, since August 1st 2016, lawyers and conveyancers have a mandatory and legal obligation to take ‘reasonable steps’ to verify the identity of their clients.

Electronic Settlements – What are they?

The term electronic conveyancing also known as e-conveyancing, refers to a conveyancing transaction where practitioners have elected to settle electronically through the electronic platform provided by Property Exchange Australia Limited (PEXA).