Because you want the kind of service that treats you like an individual, not another number on a spreadsheet

No one ever tells you

there’s more to buying or selling a property than meets the eye.

If you’ve never done it before (and even if you have!) the process of transferring a property can be a daunting task. Conversations with banks, a whole world of legal jargon and confusing language, and that’s without even considering any issues that might crop up along the way. All while you’re still trying to pack up your things and plan for a smooth transition.

Because all you want to do is get into your new home with as little stress and worry as possible along the way, right?

Our aim is to take the load off you by undertaking the legal side of things, efficiently, effectively and most importantly – correctly!

With Impero Conveyancing, you absolutely can!

We’re a boutique consultancy with a small but experienced team of people to help you through the excitement and upheaval of moving home. Everyone on the team is committed to understanding the nuances and quirks of your specific case. So, while you’ll likely deal with either Fiona or Felicity most of the time, if someone isn’t available, another team member will be able to help you, making sure you won’t be left waiting for an answer.

It’s our mission to make each and every person we help feel valued, listened to and understood. We often say you’re not just a transaction to us and that’s because we mean it! We love getting to know you all personally, finding out what your hopes and aspirations are for this exciting time in your lives and being able to facilitate those dreams is our favourite part of what we do.

You’ll never be just a number on a sheet of paper (or spreadsheet!). But you will be one of the many happy clients we’ve helped to buy their perfect home or sell their property to pursue other ambitions.

We can’t wait to help you with your dreams!

Our Values


Impero Conveyancing is a modern business with a fresh take. We aim to take the stuffiness and formality out of what we do so our clients can enjoy the whole experience of working with us as they purchase or sell their property. We bring approachability, friendliness and lightheartedness to everything we do, while always with the utmost professionalism. But we believe being professional can also mean a friendly chat, a cup of tea and a laugh and joke while getting those all-important contracts reviewed. Our clients feel the same way!


We’re a small team of women who fully understand that life gets in the way sometimes, that stresses and situations can come up, or that some circumstances need a “gentle touch”. We treat each client with respect and empathy as we help them navigate through what can be a very stressful time in their lives. And always with the belief that you’re humans first, with your own stories, histories and experiences, and are so much more than a “business transaction”.


We pride ourselves on our decisiveness and our ability to tell it to you straight. There’s no complicated jargon or complex language here. We’ll explain things exactly as we see them so you’re 100% unequivocally certain of what’s going on and what your obligations are. We consistently break things down so there’s no muss, no fuss.


Impero Conveyancing is a boutique conveyancing team that believes very much in the stories and experiences of our clients. You’re more than numbers on a screen or clauses in a contract and we know that. We make it our business to know a bit about you—your hopes and dreams, your plans for the future and how a successful purchase or sale is going to impact you. It’s our job to connect with you, one to one, so that we can create a memorable and bespoke experience that caters specifically to your needs.


Bringing decades of combined knowledge and skill to the table, we’ll make sure you’re never confused or unsure about anything to do with your transaction. It’s our job to help you understand everything that’s being put into writing so that you can make fully informed decisions and feel confident about the whole process, from start to finish.