An Inside Look at What a Conveyancer Is

It’s strongly recommended to engage a licensed professional to be on your side throughout any real estate transaction.

Conveyancing. It sounds simple enough, but it actually holds quite a unique place in the property industry. A good conveyancer will make it look easy while they facilitate a smooth property transaction. But the truth is, a conveyancer actually handles some pretty complex legal matters during a real estate transaction.

Conveyancing is what we do at Impero, so we came up with our own Impero-definition of what a conveyancer is:

A licensed professional who specialises in and conducts property transactions by representing either the vendor or the buyer through the real estate selling process. They facilitate the sale process and prepare related documents for the transfer of property ownership from one person to another. They arrange for the legal aspects (of property transactions) to be in order. They arrange, attend and oversee settlements.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or an experienced investor, a trusted conveyancer is an essential team member during a property transaction process. A good conveyancer will help you fully understand the issues involved in purchasing or selling property at public auction or private treaty in your state or territory. At Impero we are licensed for all NSW real estate transactions.

Conveyancers navigate the complex legal ‘in-between bits’ on your behalf during the property sale process or property transaction.

They provide advice and information and they make sure the buyer or seller they represent, fully understands their rights and obligations. They do all the paperwork, searches and ‘legal stuff’. They deal with the real estate agent, the bank or broker and the other conveyancer or solicitor (so you don’t have to). They act on the seller or buyer’s behalf and arrange, attend and oversee settlements or even manage complex leases and new development matters. Because of the legal nature of their work keeping up to date with complex legislative and regulatory changes is vital for a good conveyancer.

It’s strongly recommended to engage a licensed professional to be on your side throughout any real estate transaction. If anything goes wobbly, as sometimes it can with real estate changing hands, without a licensed, experienced conveyancer you could run the risk of getting yourself into a whole world of pain. They also have a network of specialist advisers on hand to deal with anything curly and remember, you’re covered by their professional indemnity should anything go south.

Buying or selling property is always a big decision and most people find it stressful, but we love helping our clients through this process, it’s what we do best. At Impero it’s important to us that there are no grey areas which is why we take the time to ensure you understand what we do at the outset and we really listen to your needs.

So, if you’re looking for a relatable licensed conveyancer to help navigate your next sale or purchase … get Impero Conveyancing on the case and we will take care of it for you. Contact our friendly team on 4910 0522 or request a quote. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our services or conveyancing in general.