What’s the difference between a solicitor & conveyancer?

Conveyancers do all the financial, administrative and legal leg work so you don’t have to.

If you’ve decided to buy or sell a property, you need someone in your corner who can represent your interests for a successful property transaction.

They should be able to provide advice about the process, draw up contracts, prepare documents and be your best advocate through the process.

But who should you engage? A conveyancer or a solicitor? What’s the difference between the two?

To sum it up in one sentence: a conveyancer’s expertise is specifically in property law. Conveyancers specialise in every nuance, loophole, clause and subsection of real estate and property law, so they are the go-to experts when you are buying or selling property.

A solicitor generally operates in a variety of legal fields, which may include property law, and representing their clients in complex legal matters.

Both a conveyancer and a solicitor serve an important purpose in your property transaction process, but it all depends on your individual circumstances.

Let’s unpack when it may be necessary to engage a solicitor or a conveyancer and see how they can make the process of buying and selling property stress-free.

When will I need a conveyancer?

The benefits of engaging a conveyancer are that a conveyancer will provide you with a highly specialised service. Their tertiary education, professional experience and continued learning is solely centred around property law.

Whether you’re buying or selling, engaging a conveyancer at the start of your real estate journey can provide valuable assistance, from understanding budgeting and financing options through to making an offer, preparing for settlement dates and everything in between.

Conveyancers do all the financial, administrative and legal leg work so you don’t have to.

It’s like having a specialist go in to bat for you. Great conveyancers can make the stressful process of buying or selling a house into one that’s actually enjoyable!

Sometimes buying and selling a house isn’t straightforward and other legal aspects come into play, like family law, wills and estates or litigation.

That’s when you may need to engage a solicitor.

How are solicitors different to conveyancers?

A solicitor a provides legal services on a variety of areas of law, including conveyancing. When it comes to experience in property law, solicitors often study property-related electives during their university degree.

Solicitors are often best suited to complex property transactions that pose more risk. These risks include properties of high value, issues with tax implications, bankruptcy, managing wills and estates, divorce settlements or criminal matters.

Do I need a conveyancer as well as a solicitor?

No, you don’t! In most cases, you’ll only need to engage a conveyancer OR a solicitor.

For straight forward property transactions, your conveyancer is your go-to specialist who will guide you through the process and be the contact point for everyone involved in the property transaction. Your conveyancer will be the one in touch with real estate agents, banks, brokers, the other party’s conveyancer, and all the relevant parties, to make sure your get the best possible outcome,

One exception when a conveyancer may not be the right choice is if your property transaction is complex and may need additional legal knowledge and handling. For example, if the property transaction is related to divorce or deceased estate, a solicitor can handle the family lor probate legalities and property conveyancing simultaneously.

Each case is unique and will be judged on its own merits. No matter who takes on your case, it will be dealt with in a completely tailored approach and your legal documentation will be prepared specifically for you and your property.

What are my next steps?

Talk to your local property conveyancer or solicitor and have an open conversation about your situation. They’ll be able to give you the best advice on how to navigate your next property transaction.

At Impero Conveyancing, we put our clients first and we always advocate for their best interests. Whether you need a conveyancer or a solicitor, we’ll provide an honest recommendation that’ll ensure a professional, seamless experience.

If you’re ready to start the conversation, call us on 4910 0522.

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