What is a conveyancer?

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If you’re a first homeowner, chances are that prior to beginning the home ownership journey you would never have heard of a conveyancer.

Their purpose is to undertake the process of transferring the legal title to a property from one owner to another.

Conveyancing can be undertaken by either a solicitor or a conveyancer, but is a necessary process in all property transactions. They ensure that all legal requirements are met.

They will explain the process to you, the timeframes, your requirements, the requirements of the other party and best of all they are working for what is in your best interests!

Some of the tasks they undertake are:

  • Certificate of Title searches
  • Advice relating to the contract
  • Preparation of documents
  • Lodgement of legal documents
  • Calculations of rates, fee, taxes
  • Management of a Trust Account for deposits
  • Liaison with mortgage brokers and banks

The benefit of using a conveyancer (as opposed to a solicitor) is that you are using a specialist. Someone who undertakes this work every single day of the week! All solicitors are qualified to undertake conveyancing work, but this does not mean they are experienced in the area.

In a property transaction both the buyer and the seller have a conveyancer (or solicitor) working for them. These professionals liaise with each other on behalf of their clients, to ensure the process is as some as possible.

So then the question becomes – which conveyancer to use! The best bet is to find someone who is a good fit for you. For example, many of my clients use me because I am flexible in my approach, meeting with my clients outside of hours or only electronically if that suits them best.

So if you are looking to buy or sell property and would like to know more about my approach, please get in touch.

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