Paperless Conveyancing and e-Titles

Yes, you guessed it, yet more changes within the conveyancing industry. ‘By July 2019, all standard property transactions in NSW will be conducted electronically and all Certificate of Titles [...]

VOI – Can you prove who you say you are?

This may seem like a silly question to most of us, however, since August 1st 2016, lawyers and conveyancers have a mandatory and legal obligation to take ‘reasonable steps’ to verify the identity [...]

Electronic Settlements – What are they?

The term electronic conveyancing also known as e-conveyancing, refers to a conveyancing transaction where practitioners have elected to settle electronically through the electronic platform [...]

Saving and Budgeting

The time has come for you to start thinking about buying a house but where do you start. It is often overwhelming to think about the amount of money you need before you can even contemplate [...]