Our conveyancing services include all areas of buying and selling, and property transactions.

Residential sales and purchases

Purchasing a house or selling a home can be an overwhelming activity – but only if you don’t have the support of the right people. Impero Conveyancing can be with you on the entire journey, undertaking activities such as contract preparation through to settlement and acting for you in your transaction.

Strata sales and purchases

Strata sales and purchases have additional requirements to be aware of and Impero Conveyancing has the expert knowledge you need, including in-depth understanding of strata plans, strata reports and by-laws. We work with you to ensure you understand the requirements and how they affect you.

Off-the-plan purchases

Buying off-the-plan gives you the opportunity to purchase something completely new, however as you can’t ‘try before you buy’ it is vital you understand the process. Off the plan purchases can relate to either land subdivisions or apartment buildings where you are buying something that has yet to be built. We discuss the contract with you in order to ensure you understand the process for this type of transaction.

Registration of Transfer

In the event of death/marriage dissolution/change of name we can undertake all the requirements for a registration of transfer.

Subdivision and development contracts

Impero Conveyancing is able to act for a vendor and/or developer in preparing contracts for project sales, being either completed works or off-the-plan. Part of this process includes drafting and collating contracts for land subdivisions, apartment blocks and smaller townhouse developments.

The benefit of Impero Conveyancing is that you get a highly experienced conveyancer, but at a much lower cost than a solicitor.

Commercial and retail leases

If you are looking to lease your own property or rent a commercial space Impero Conveyancing can prepare or review simple commercial leases for office and retail spaces.

Retirement village leases

If you are about to make a change in lifestyle and want to make a retirement village home, Impero Conveyancing can review your retirement village lease and advise you on the contents. This includes information on ingoing costs, ongoing costs and what it means to live in a retirement village.

Agency settlements, exchanges and stamping

If you are an out-of-town firm Impero Conveyancing can act on your behalf and be the agent to attend settlements, exchanges and undertake the in-house stamping of documents.

Complimentary auction contract review

There is a lot of research and preparation that goes into attending a property auction with the intention of purchase. Impero Conveyancing will review and provide advice on the contract for the property – with a no-fee policy if you are unsuccessful as the buyer at the auction.

Justice of the Peace

Principal of Impero Conveyancing, Fiona Eastwood, is a Justice of the Peace. When you become a client of Impero Conveyancing Fiona is able the act as your witness – a free of charge service.

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